Mendip Challenge

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in our longest-running event, the Mendip Challenge! We appreciate all of the work you’ve done so far to raise as much sponsorship as you can. This event will return on June 3rd, 2018. 

  • Getting on the shuttle bus
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  • Mendip_Hills2
  • Each participant gets a medal!


If ​you ​have ​never ​joined ​us ​for ​this ​event ​before, ​what ​have ​you ​been ​doing?! ​ 

The ​Mendip ​Challenge ​is ​an ​exciting ​sponsored ​event ​for ​those ​looking ​to ​have ​fun, ​challenge ​themselves ​and ​raise ​money ​for ​Weston ​Hospicecare. ​The ​routes ​- ​30, ​20 or ​10 miles ​- ​are ​open ​to ​all ​individuals, ​teams, ​families ​and ​dogs ​and ​take ​you ​along ​the ​West ​Mendip ​Way ​in ​the ​Somerset ​hills! ​ 

You ​can ​choose ​the ​distance ​that ​best ​suits ​you ​and ​when ​you ​get ​back ​from ​your ​trek ​across ​the ​hills ​there ​will ​be ​food ​and ​drink ​available ​for ​you ​to ​buy, ​as ​well ​as ​music ​for ​you ​and ​your ​friends ​and ​family ​to ​enjoy. 

Last year over 800 people joined us on the glorious Mendip hills. So ​what ​are ​you ​waiting ​for? ​Dust ​off ​those ​walking ​boots ​and ​get ​hiking ​for ​a ​great ​cause. ​ 

* ​Please ​note ​children ​under ​16 ​must ​be ​accompanied ​by ​an ​adult ​over ​18

Registrations opening soon!