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Can I tour the facilities?
Yes. Wherever possible, we are happy to show you and your loved ones around our facilities. Such visits must be booked in advance to minimise any inconvenience to our current patients. Speak to your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist, to Day Hospice staff or to someone at reception to arrange a visit.

How can I access the services, and will I have to pay?
Your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist, Day Hospice nurse and In-Patient Unit nurse can put you in touch with any of the support services we offer, allowing us to help you find the right level of emotional support for you and your loved ones. If you have not yet registered with the hospice, please talk to your GP, district nurse or doctor about referring you, or you speak directly to our hospice team to refer yourself. (If you do contact us directly, please be aware that we will notify your GP.)

All of our services are provided free of charge to patients and carers in our local area. Because only 22% of our funding comes from the government, we rely on the generous support from our local community to continue providing our services.

If you contribute to private medical insurance, we may be able to secure a donation for the hospice from them. If this is the case for you, please inform your Weston Hospicecare nurse.

Can I smoke in the hospice?
Smoking on hospice grounds is both a fire and health and safety risk, so smoking is not allowed in or around the hospice. We do have a smoker’s shelter available for patients only, but we ask visitors to leave hospice property if they do wish to smoke. For patients who are suffering from nicotine withdrawal, we can offer a nicotine replacement programme.

Can I choose what emotional support is best for me?
We’ll talk with you about what’s important to you and what you want to work on most. We’ll then try to match you up with the appropriate support to ensure we can find you the level of support that you’re most comfortable with. Once presented with the options, you can then choose how you’d like to take it forward.

My family and friends need support. Can you help them, too?
We offer support not only our patients but also to their loved ones. We have a variety of professionals who can provide emotional support and signpost to financial and practical support to help during this difficult time. We also have a small counselling room that’s been specially designed for children. If you find your family members or loved ones are in need of this type of support, please contact our Family Support Team or discuss this with your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist or IPU nurse.

Is there a time limit on the support you offer?
We understand that grief doesn’t have a time limit, so we offer ongoing support for as long as you or your loved ones feel it is necessary. As with most things in life, your loved ones will likely experience ups and downs after your death, and we’re here to offer them support when they need us.

Who can visit me in the IPU? Can I have visitors whenever I want?
We want you to feel at home in the IPU. Visitors, including children and pets, are all very welcome, but we do ask that they respect meal and rest times. There is a room where your visitors can make drinks and light meals. You may also bring your mobile with you so that friends and family can telephone you at any time.

What happens if I’m discharged? How would I be discharged?
If you are discharged from any of our services, we can still offer you open access to us. So, if you find you need more support after being discharged, please do get in touch.

Hospice Community Nurse Specialist: If your symptoms become more settled, you may be discharged from your nurse’s active caseload until you feel you need support again.

Day Hospice: Prior to completing your 12-week programme, we will review how you are and discuss your progress with you; we can then start to plan for your discharge. Any ongoing support needs will be discussed with you to see how these can best be met.

In-Patient Unit: If your symptoms become more settled after a stay in the IPU, you may wish to go home (if it is safe for you to do so).

Family Support Team: If you feel your emotional needs are being met, you may be discharged from the Family Support Team’s active caseload. If you are discharged from any of our services, we can still offer you open access to us.

So, if you find you need more support after being discharged, please do get in touch.


How do we use your information?
We receive a lot of personal information about patients from you, your family and other services. We need this information so that we can provide you with best care and treatment. Members of the hospice team looking after you may share your personal information with each other. This team may include nurses, doctors, therapists, pharmacists and clerical support staff plus students and trainees in medicine or other health and social care professionals who are looking after you. We do our utmost to protect any information you provide us with, but if you have any further questions or wish to discuss our full policy about how we handle your information, please ask a member of your Weston Hospicecare team or write to our Caldicott Guardian at the address below:

Director of Patient Services
Weston Hospicecare
28 Thornbury Road
North Somerset
BS23 4YQ

We hope you’ve been able to find the answer to your questions in this section or elsewhere on our website. If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to contact us on 01934 423 900 or via email.