Dignity in Care

Dignity in Care
The Dignity in Care campaign, which is led by the National Dignity Council, was launched in November 2006, and it aims to put dignity and respect at the heart of UK care services.

The Dignity in Care factors include:

  • Choice and Control We aim to enable people to make choices about the way they live with their illness and the care they receive.
  • Communication We will speak to people respectfully and will listen to what they have to say, thereby ensuring clear dialogue.
  • Eating and Nutritional Care We’ll provide a choice of nutritious, appetising meals that meet the needs and choices of individuals, and we’ll provide support with eating when it’s needed.
  • Pain Management We’ll ensure that people living with pain have the right help and medication to reduce suffering and to improve their quality of life.
  • Personal Hygiene We’ll work to enable people to maintain their usual standards of personal hygiene.
  • Practical Assistance Where possible, we will try to advise people about budgets, living environments and access to services.
  • Privacy We’ll maintain confidentiality and personal space.
  • Social Inclusion We’ll support people and will work to help them keep in contact with family and friends and to participate in social activities.

At Weston Hospicecare, we’re dedicated to providing people with dignity in care. We welcome feedback on what you think about the care we provide, so if you have any comments or complaints regarding dignity in care at Weston Hospicecare, please call 01934 423 900 and ask about our complaints procedure.